Self Hypnosis.

Treatment Description

What is self Hypnosis?

Self Hypnosis is one’s ability to Hypnotise him or herself to achieve a desired result. This result could be a relaxed state or anything that person desires as long as it is a “light” to “medium” issue. A person attempting to use Self Hypnosis for a “Heavy” issue e.g. alcoholism, may unfortunately not succeed due to the fact that- that level of work requires a deeper level of Hypnosis that only a trained professional would be able to administer. Professional Hypnotherapy can help you with many ‘deep’ & ‘heavy’ issues, please feel free to contact us for your free over-the-phone consultation.

How long does it take to learn Self Hypnosis?

Self Hypnosis is a two hour session, helping you to learn how to get yourself in to a Hypnotic state so that you can program yourself to get certain desired results. Practising the techniques taught throughout your life as often as possible will help to improve the desired effects, so it is important to bear in mind that turning Self Hypnosis in to a habit is the way forward.

All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis?

You may have heard the statement that ‘all Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis’, which is correct as you are the one allowing or not allowing suggestions of change to take place. Learning Self Hypnosis will allow you to Hypnotise yourself in order to accept suggestions of change that you yourself have designed. So if before an interview or presentation you wish to boost your confidence then this would be a useful too. You can also remove negative memories and feel better about experiences. To find out more please feel free to contact us.



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