Hypnosis Panic Attacks.

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Treatment Description

Hypnosis Panic Attacks

The Hypnosis Panic Attacks treatment is a method of using Hypnotherapy to aid those that suffer from rounds of panic attacks.  These sufferers experience uncontrollable attacks of panic in a given situation. This in turn may affect the quality of their life.

Hypnosis is widely used for helping those that suffer with panic attacks. It is important to  find out why the attack is happening in the first place. This is why it is necessary to have a consultation prior to having the treatment.

What is a panic attack?

A panic attack is a combination of intense feelings of anxiety and physical symptoms that frighten the individual and cause substantial distress. Often consciously, the person suffering with them may not know why they fall victim to a panic attack.

What are the symptoms of a panic attack?

Often the individual affected experiences some or all of the following:

  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Trembling
  •  Increased heart rate
  • Tingling in the fingers
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Hyperventilation

Some individuals may experience other symptoms, the above however are experienced by the majority.

Certain people who experience panic attacks for the first time my think or feel that they are having a heat attack which causes them to panic even more. In real terms however, the panic attack in most cases are not dangerous. They may last for anything up to 25 minutes and then disappear.

The physical symptoms of a panic attack are usually caused the ‘fight or flight’ reaction in our body. This reaction usually helps us fight or flee from danger.  Once you feel that you are in a safe place and have given your body the time to re-adjust then you should start to feel your normal self again. If you do not feel well and are worried then you should visit a medical practice or hospital near you.

How many sessions will I need and how much?

Typically three sessions are needed, they are as follows:

  • The first is a  two-hour session.
  • The second is a one-hour session.
  • The third is a one-hour session.

Prices may vary depending on the level of treatment required.  Please feel free to contact us for your free over-the-phone consultation. During this consultation you can find out how the Hypnosis Panic Attacks treatment could help you!

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