Hypnosis for OCD’s.

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Treatment Description

What does OCD stand for?

OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

What is an OCD?

An obsessive compulsive disorder is a ‘mental disorder’ where people feel the need to take repeated actions. Often these actions are associated with checking and certain routines that when not performed cause distress to the individual.

OCD’s are often diagnosed after the obsessions and compulsive behaviours affect the individuals life in the following ways:

  • Take up excessive amounts of time (causing the person to be late and affecting their personal and work life)
  • Cause depression, distress, anger and/or sadness
  • Affect the life of the individual substantially (where they cannot function in what is known a ‘normal society’)

What are the types OCD’s?

There are four main categories that OCD’s fall in to:

  • Checking
  • Contamination (includes mental contamination)
  • Hoarding
  • Ruminations (includes intrusive thoughts)


This is where a person is obsessed with checking their environment and feels that they need to perform checks to avoid danger. An example of this is someone who checks the gas switches repeatedly until they feel safe. Those affected also tend to check; windows, doors, locks, alarms etc.

Contamination (includes mental contamination):

This is where the person feels the need to clean or wash themselves and/or what is present in their environment due to the belief that contamination is present. The contamination from their perceptive may lead to illness or death. That person may avoid public restrooms, public transport and shaking hands etc. The cleaning often includes a routine to stay ‘clean’ and involves repetitive washing, often associated with washing of the hands repeatedly with soap.

The feelings of ‘Mental contamination’ are often caused by negative thoughts. These negative thoughts may arise after an abusive interaction, causing that person to feel ‘dirty’. Often described as internal uncleanliness, which may force the person affected to desire taking a shower in order to feel clean to get rid of the ‘dirty feelings’ about themselves.


This is an obsession with keeping used and worn-out items. The person affected would have great difficulty in discarding items that they have come in contact with and often stow away items even though that space is very limited.

Ruminations (includes intrusive thoughts)

A ‘Rumination’ is basically a state of deep thought. This becomes an OCD when a person enters the state of rumination and stays in that state pondering deeply about a subject of no real value with no real result as an outcome An example of this is someone who thinks about theoretical possibilities of aliens taking over planet Earth .

In terms of an OCD with ‘Intrusive Thoughts’, a person that is affected may have obsessive disturbing thoughts that are related to horrific scenarios and actions, i.e thoughts of causing harm or sexual violence to those around them. That person may feel a prisoner of their own mind and tends to avoid social interactions in order to flee from such thoughts.

How can Hypnosis help me with an OCD?

Hypnosis deals directly with the subconscious mind, enabling us to work faster with an OCD than conventional talk therapies. Through Hypnosis we can access your emotions and habits in order to help set you free from the obsessive compulsions that are affecting your life.

The sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs, please feel free to contact us to find out more.


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