Hypnosis for Depression.

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What is depression?

Depression can often be described as a condition that affects how we think, feel and act.  It can be caused by several factors and if left untreated could have serious implications. It can feel like a lead weight dragging the person down, making it harder to do the simplest of tasks. There are several degrees of depression, most of which can be treated and/or controlled.

What are the symptoms of depression?

The following are some of the symptoms related to depression. The symptoms of depression that are outlined are not limited to this, and could vary depending on the person affected:

Common Thoughts

The condition of depression may affect your decision making abilities, memory, concentration and the way you think about life in general. Those that are depressed often tend to be mostly negative and have downward view on matters. As you can imagine, if a person is very negative then it will affect the quality of their life and those around them. Life can be testing at times, which is why an optimistic view is highly recommended as opposed to a negative and defeatist view.

Common Feelings

Sadness (due to something in particular or could be unexplained) is often the most common feeling along with hopelessness. Some feel agitated and aggressive towards others and their surroundings. Sadly, throughout our life we are not taught how to manage our thoughts and feelings, this leads to frustration, depression and often anger. It can often feel like depression is a binding cycle, using Hypnosis we can break that cycle and finally get you on the right track.

Common ways of behaving

Some may choose to depend on substances ( alcohol, drugs etc), which often lead to  a downward spiral. This makes the person feel out of  control and consequently lose faith in feeling any-time soon.

Often those that are depressed may respond aggressively without much thought to certain situations. They may also engage in self harm or harm others. Avoiding going to work and social events is also common.

Common physical effects

Many of those feeling depressed would often complain that they are feeling tired and cannot get enough sleep, they may also experience physical aches and pains, weight-loss or weight gain and negative sleep patterns.

Can Hypnotherapy help with depression?

Hypnotherapy deals directly with your subconscious mind, that part of you that holds the key to your emotions and habits. Using Hypnosis we can assist your mind in dealing with depression – focusing more on the cause rather than just the symptoms.

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